River Restoration Courses

October 2018

Courses can be used towards completion of the Advanced River Restoration certificate of the PSU EPP. More information provided at the registration link below.

Course #1:  Hydraulics Analysis using HEC-RAS 2D  (Oct 2nd to 4th, 2018)

Location: Mercy Corps, Portland, OR – Aceh Community Room, 8AM – 5PM

Instructors: Chris Goodell, Kleinschmidt & Gary Wolff, OTAK

Course fee: $825 (includes coffee, tea, and snacks. Lunch on-your-own)

Description:  This intensive 3-day workshop will instruct students on the use of HEC-RAS for two-dimensional hydraulic modeling. The course will include an overview of 2-D flow theory, RAS Mapper, and the differences between 1-D and 2-D modeling. There will be a focus on the applicability and use of 2-D modeling for river restoration design. The use of the model is taught through hands-on exercises and real-world project examples. Students should have an existing working knowledge of HEC-RAS.

Course #2:  River Sediment Dynamics (Oct 10th to 12th)

Location: Mercy Corps, Portland, OR – Aceh Community Room, 8AM – 5PM

Instructors: Dr. Colin Thorne, University of Nottingham; Steve Winter, Natural Systems Design; and Mason Lacy, Environmental Science Associates

Course fee: $825 (includes coffee, tea, and snacks. Lunch on-your-own)

Description:  This short course covers the fluvial processes responsible for erosion, transport and deposition of sediment within rivers, providing a fundamental understanding of how sediment dynamics drive channel formation, adjustment and evolution. The course focuses on how sediment dynamics can be investigated and modeled in the contexts of practical river management and restoration projects.


Please contact Gardner Johnston at gjohnston@interfluve.com 

General Registration

Click here to register for HEC-RAS 2-D Course
Click here to register for River Sediment Dynamics Course

PSU Environmental Professionals: 

Use this link to register through the PSU Environmental Professionals Program for credit towards the Advanced River Restoration certificate: PSU Environmental Professionals Program EPP501 and EPP502