The 2018 RRNW Symposium will feature invited speakers.  Our invited speakers and the topics to be addressed are as follows:

  1. Robert T. Lackey, Professor, Oregon State University, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife: Wild Salmon Recovery and Delusional Reality: Indulgences Atoning for Guilt?;
  2. Dorothy Merritts, Professor of Geoscience, Department of Earth and Environment at Franklin and Marshall College: Restoring a wetland/floodplain landscape buried beneath reservoir sediment for 3 centuries: The long-term Big Spring Run restoration experiment and a new best management practice
  3. Jim Waddell, Retired Engineer, USACE:  Restoring the Lower Snake River: Vision, A Mountain of Policy Horsepower and Two D8s
  4. Bill Dietrich, Professor, University of California, Berkeley: The Critical Zone:  Where Trees get their Rock Moisture and Summer Streams get their Base Flow
Robert T. Lackey
Dorothy Merritts
Jim Waddell

Bill Dietrich