RRNW Elwha River Restoration Field Trip, September 2018

RRNW is sponsoring a fall field trip to the Elwha River to observe the amazing transformation to the river, river delta and ecosystem following the 2012 removal of the Elwha Dam and the 2014 removal of the Glines Canyon dam. Join us for a 1-day tour with Jamie Michel of the Coastal Watershed Institute, Jennifer Bountry of the US Bureau of Reclamation, and George Pess of National Marine Fisheries Service!

We will work our way from the former Elwha Dam Overlook to the river delta, led by Elwha River restoration design and planning experts the entire way. There will be ample opportunities for social gathering and storytelling on both Friday and Saturday evenings in Port Angeles. Details to follow.

Tentative Field Trip Itinerary:

Friday, 9/28/2018

  • (Optional) Friday evening RRNW gathering event in Port Angeles, WA (location TBD)

Saturday, 9/29/2018 – Elwha River Restoration Field Trip

  • Meet  in Port Angeles, WA (8am) for carpool organization
  • Stop 1 – Former Elwha Dam Overlook/Parking (A 1/2 mile walk including 1/4 mile (3%-5% slope) gravel road)
  • Stop 2 – Hike upstream along channel migration zone, Lunch – Bring your own
  • Stop 3 – Elwha river delta / shoreline
  • Return to Port Angeles (4:30-5pm)
  • (Optional) RRNW Gathering Dinner (5-7pm) (location TBD)

Like the Seattle and Portland speaker series, this event is intended to provide a regional networking opportunity for the stream restoration community outside of the annual symposium, and the chance to hear from an expert on a restoration-related topic, in an informal setting, with beer.  To keep costs down, attendees will be responsible for their own lodging, transportation, food and drinks. Rest assured that the storytelling and conversation will be excellent.

The event fee will be $75.  

Tickets for this event have sold out.

Optional Lodging

If you are interested in sponsoring future Seattle RRNW speaker series events, please contact Judi Radloff at jradloff@kingcounty.gov

You do not need to be an RRNW member to attend; however, we encourage you to join RRNW to help support future events!

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Past Speakers

Steve Bleifuhs and Brian Murray – May 2018

George Pess – April 2018

Steven Malloch – November 2017

Colin Thorne – May 2017

Daniel Schindler – March 2017

Guillaume Mauger – November 2016

Michael Pollock – September 2016