Boise Speaker Series

Hyporheic Flow and River Restoration: Integrating Science and Practice

Where: Mother Earth Brew Co. 406 South 3rd Street, Boise, ID 83702

When: June 6th 6:00 – 8:00 pm, presentations and panel discussion starting at 6:30.

Interdisciplinary research has shown that hyporheic flow plays a critical role in the ecological, hydrological, and biogeochemical function of Pacific Northwest rivers and streams. Hyporheic flow contributes to modulating stream flow and temperature, biogeochemical cycling, and providing unique physical and chemical habitats for native species that are vital for restoration and recovery of species of concern. This presentation and speaker panel will review the role of hyporheic flow, cover recent scientific advances, and discuss integration into river restoration design.

Speaker Biography

Daniele Tonina, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor | Co-Director, Center for Ecohydraulics Research

Daniele Tonina joined the Center of Ecohydraulics Research and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering in 2009. Natural environments are complex systems that require a holistic approach for synthesizing physical and biological processes. He follows this approach in his research, which can be broadly defined as ecohydrology. His research interests are in identifying and modeling linkages between physical processes and biological systems. This line of research improves our knowledge and ability to manage and protect river basins, water supplies, and riverine ecosystems, and thus forms an important basis for new public policy, urban development, and engineering designs.


Rob Richardson, PG, PMP.
Principal Geomorphologist | Rio ASE Rob is a principal geomorphologist and co- founder of Rio ASE in Boise, ID. His career as a geomorphologist has focused on natural resource planning and management throughout the western United States and Alaska with an emphasis on river and hillslope processes as they pertain to habitat restoration, irrigation, infrastructure, and risk. During his career Rob has managed dozens of large interdisciplinary project teams with diverse stakeholders and broad objectives while obtaining singular, mutually agreeable outcomes supported by the best available science. Rob's technical approach includes
understanding historical, existing, and potential future site conditions to develop appropriate solutions that address the problem rather than simply treat the symptom.


Anna Bergstrom, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Geosciences | Boise State University Department of Geosciences

Anna Bergstrom started as an assistant professor in the Geosciences Department at Boise State University in 2021. Her research focuses on watershed hydrology, biogeochemistry, and glaciology. Anna studies climate change impacts to local watersheds including the impact of shifting rain-snow transition on water quantity, quality, summer low flows and stream drying. She also does research on biogeochemical processes and hydrology on and downstream of glaciers in Alaska and Antarctica. She takes a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach and employs a range of field, laboratory, remote sensing and modeling methods that examines hydrologic processes at the system level.

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