20 Years Back, 20 Years Forward, Lessons Learned Panel

Year: 2022
Presenter/s: Kris Fischer
Symposium Session: 2022 - 09 20 Years Back, 20 Years Forward
Topics covered: lessons learned


Where were you in your river restoration career 20 years ago? Or 30 years ago? Or dare we say, even 40 years ago? Have you attended RRNW 10 times? 15 times? 20 times? What changes have you seen in your river restoration discipline and in the watersheds you work or live in? How has your understanding and approach to restoration projects and programs in the last two (or more) decades evolved? How have public attitudes and perceptions changed about river restoration in that time? If you could boil down your most important lesson learned from the last 20 years in river restoration, what would that be? Please joins us for a frank discussion of these topics, and more, in this Lessons Learned session as seasoned professionals share their personal insights and experiences. This session will include an interdisciplinary panel discussion of biologists, ecologists, engineers, and geomorphologists with experience in academia, tribes, consulting, federal, state and local government, private industry, non-profits and more for a combined experience of more than 150 years! This interactive panel session will be a chance for the audience to ask questions and tell their stories as we learn insights and hear predictions for the future of restoration from a dynamic group, who all happen to be former RRNW Board members!

To view the recorded presentation by Sue Niezgoda, click here: https://youtu.be/jxZaxmtckCU