What defines our current practice of river restoration in the Pacific Northwest?

Year: 2022
Presenter/s: Gardner Johnston
Symposium Session: 2022 - 02 Big Challenges Need Adaptive Management
Topics covered: community involvement, fish-salmon, floodplain, lessons learned, riparian, and stream


The first National Stream Restoration Conference will be held in Nashville, TN this August. Gardner Johnston, former President of the RRNW Board, will be giving the “Regional Perspective” talk for the Pacific Northwest. In order to accurately represent our collective practice here in the PNW, Gardner would like to present his initial thoughts and solicit feedback and ideas from the audience. A brief morning presentation will be followed by open discussion, with time set aside later in the afternoon to continue the conversation. Please be thinking about what defines our current practice—where we’ve been and how we’ve evolved—and where we might be headed.