Navigating the National Flood Insurance Program and Floodplain Regulations-Panelist 2

Year: 2022
Presenter/s: Erin Cooper
Symposium Session: 2022 - 03 Navigating the National Flood Insurance Program and Floodplain Regulations
Topics covered: fish-salmon, floodplain, hydraulics, modeling, and permits


Many stream, river, and floodplain restoration projects in the PacNW and nationwide are focused on increasing floodplain connectivity due to the beneficial habitat and flood attenuation effects associated with frequently flooded floodplains. In addition, improving channel complexity through the placement of stable large wood (LW) within the channel has become a large focus of restoration efforts in the PacNW due to the beneficial effects to salmonid habitat and associated ESA listing of salmon. Many of these efforts work to reverse anthropogenic caused changes (channelization, removal of LW, urbanization, etc) that have resulted in significant channel incision, degradation, and poor habitat conditions for ESA listed species. The effect of these efforts is often an increase water surface elevations during both frequent floods and the 100-year flood which presents a conflict with minimum NFIP floodplain regulations.