Portland Speaker Series

RRNW Speaker Series March 16th: Jefferson Jacobs, Riparian Restoration Coordinator for Oregon Natural Desert Association

Title: BeaverHOODS: A customizable conceptual model for guiding beaver ecology education, reach-scale restoration implementation and watershed-scale restoration strategies.

Where: Virtual

When: Tuesday, March 16th 6:00-7:00 pm Presentation

Multiple models and strategies already exist regarding beaver habitat, and low-tech process-based riparian restoration on wadeable streams. However, in working to utilize these models and strategies to implement projects and educate the public, gaps and associated unanswered questions have arisen. Specific missing pieces in existing frameworks include: 1) a simplified conceptual model connecting actual conditions viewed on the ground with potential beaver occupation patterns and low-tech restoration techniques, 2) an adaptable framework that can be used to organize and inter-relate site-specific observations and lessons learned, in order to create a set of customized, quantified recommendations to inform specific restoration actions, and 3) a way to combine those concepts and observations into an overall restoration strategy and prioritization at larger scales. BeaverHOODS (Beaver Habitat Opportunity Optimization Delineation System) is an evolving system developed to address these information gaps. While specific values have been incorporated into BeaverHOODS for eastern Oregon creeks, to provide examples in this presentation, the model is intended to be inherently adaptable to site-specific observations and local knowledge. This presentation will outline the conceptual model, how it can be customized, and then run through some real-world example applications at the reach, and larger scales. The goal of the presentation is to generate constructive feedback to help guide model refinement and to share a system which may be useful to other low-tech, process based restoration practitioners.



Speaker Biography

Jefferson Jacobs, MS, is the Riparian Restoration Coordinator for Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA), based out of Bend, Oregon. ONDA is a 5,000-member non-profit organization whose mission is to protect, defend and restore Oregon’s high desert. Jefferson has worked as a professional field biologist for nearly three decades in locations ranging from the Canadian and Alaskan Arctic to Hawaii’s Big Island.  Since 2008, Jefferson has organized and designed restoration projects across eastern Oregon implemented solely with a volunteer labor force. As the field of riparian restoration has evolved during this time, Jefferson has incorporated new knowledge, such as stage zero and process-based techniques, into his restoration project designs aimed at maximizing collaboration with beavers.  Jefferson educates ONDA’s volunteers, helping them gain perspective and understanding as to the impact and significance of their work.  The involvement in these three focal areas — restoration implementation, scientific inquiry and education — led Jefferson to develop the BeaverHOODS conceptual model as a tool for aligning and guiding the needs and opportunities of each. Jefferson was recently awarded the State Land Board’s Catalyst Award by Governor Kate Brown in recognition of his approach to riparian restoration.

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