2006 Symposium Program

Jan 30thJan 31stFeb 1stFeb 2nd

Short Courses

Full Day Courses

Analyzing Bank Stability
Andrew Simon

Half Day Courses

Integrated Streambank Protection Guidelines
Moderators: Merri Martz and Greg Koonce

Construction Management for Restoration Projects
Moderator: Holly Walla


Frank Groznik, RRNW President

Opening Address

Dave Buchannan, Tyee Winery –“Landowner Viewpoint on Landowners and Restoration”

Design Methods A

Peter Goodwin, University of Idaho –“Muddling Through Modeling”
Moderator: Janine M. Castro, RRNW Board Member

Session 1:  Hydraulic Modeling Tools

  • Moderator: Brian Cluer, RRNW Regional Director, California
  • Hydraulic Analysis of Instream Structures and Channel Rehabilitation Projects Using HEC-RAS
    Sean Welch
  • FishXing 3: Software for Modeling Fish Passage and Culvert Hydraulics for the Assessment and Design of Stream Crossings
    Antonio Llanos and Michael Love

Session 2: Visualization Techniques

Design Methods B

Craig Fischenich, Hydraulic Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg, MS –” Stable Channel Design Methods – Theory, Practice and Pitfalls”
Moderator: Pete Klingeman, RRNW Board Member

Session 3:  Meander Reconstruction

Poster Session

Design Methods C

Thomas Quinn, University of Washington –”The Production of Anadromous Salmonids from Streams: Behavioral and Population-Level Perspectives”

Design Methods D

 Hiram Li, Oregon State University –”Recovering Species from a Community Perspective: Connecting Stephen A. Forbes and the Endangered Species Act”
Moderator: Greg Koonce, RRNW Board Member

Session 4:  Fish Habitat I

  • Moderator: Elaine Mayer, RRNW Regional Director, Alaska
  • Coho Salmon Smolt Production from Constructed and Natural Floodplain Habitats
    Phil Roni and Sarah Morley
  • If you build it, will they come?  Spawning Habitat Restoration Project Preplanning, Site Evaluation, Feasibility and Design Considerations for Chum Salmon 
    Kelley Jorgensen
  • Lamprey Conservation Guidance for Instream Activities
    Bianca Streif

Session 5:  Fish Habitat II

  • Moderator: Simon Page, RRNW Regional Director, Washington
  • Clackamas River Side Channels: Habitat Enhancement Project
    Michael McAllister and Todd Alsbury
  • Fish-Passage Culverts-Lessons Learned from Construction and Monitoring
    Barbara Ellis-Sugar
  • Restoration of Endangered Sucker Habitat on Private Lands in the SpragueRiver Watershed:  Challenges, Designs and Monitoring
    Faye Weekley

Optional Video: Williams Creek

Session 6: The “100-Year” Flood 

  • Moderator: Holly Walla, RRNW Board Member
  • The National Evaluation of the One-Percent (100-Year) Flood Standard and Potential Implications on Stream Restoration Projects
    Kevin Coulton
  • Is a Riparian Restoration Still Viable After “100-year” Storm Events Alter the Original Design? 
    Sarah Cooke

After-Dinner Presentation

Kathleen Dean Moore, Oregon State University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Author of River Walking: Reflections on Moving Water

Design Methods E

Sue Niezgoda–“A Cost-Based Risk Assessment Method for Selecting Stream Restoration Design Alternatives”
Moderator: Rob Sampson, RRNW Regional Director, Idaho

Session 7:  Risk in Restoration

Session 8: Construction Techniques

Session 9:  State of the Region – What’s Going on in the PNW?


Frank Groznik, RRNW President